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Mom To Mom Cards Set of 12
  • Mom to Mom Cards

Mom To Mom Cards Set of 12

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Inspired by the kindness of other moms, and the craziness of being one themselves, two Denver-based mothers decided to start a movement called The Mom To Mom Project as a way to "tell a mom she's awesome"...because isn't that something every mother wants to hear? This package of 12 cards contains 6 funny and thoughtful sayings. Keep them on hand and pass them out often to your mom friends who need a boost.  The mission of The Mom To Mom Project is to spread humor and generosity - mom to mom - and embrace the idea that we're all just doing the best we can.

All cards are foil pressed with matching pink envelopes.
Includes 2 each of the following sayings: You’re an awesome mom. Sorry about my kid. It gets easier. Showers are overrated. Your boob is out. Sorry your husband is sick.

For more info visit TheMomToMomProject.com

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