Hipster Coloring Book

Everyone knows what a hipster is—or do we?

Here's a proper introduction, with arty fun for hipsters and their friends and frenemies. Enter their world, from the coffee shop to the indie-film screening. Find out what they keep in their cool vintage bags, what they wear, how they travel, and what they get up to on the weekends. Enjoy and color their favored hairstyles, pets, tattoos, and more. Entertaining, exquisitely drawn, and engagingly satirical, this unique collection leaves no coffee pot un-percolated in the hipster milieu!

Drawing on her keen observation of hipster habits, Charlotte Farmer has created the book every hip person will pretend not to want—but will secretly covet. And who knows? You just may find a little bit of YOU inside!

80 pages. Size 8 2/3" x 8 2/3".