Fabulous Tales Little Theatre Imaginative Play

Let your child's imagination run free and stage her own fabulous stories! Featuring dolls, background scenery, stickers that she can set up, as well as blank decors and characters to be created. This is imaginative play at its best!

To become the director of a small theater is kid’s stuff! With the elements of decor and characters provided, this theater invites to play and stage the most famous tales or masterpieces. Reversible theatre: interior + exterior. Light, fold and unfold it to take it everywhere.

Children may also create their own stories with the white characters and decors, to be drawn and colored.

What did Cinderella said? Where is the Puss in Boot going? Here come Hansel and Gretel! 

- Ages 5 and up.

- Theatre: 65x24x22 cm
- Characters included: 11 characters + 11 in black to colour
- Decors included : 6 decors + 6 in black to colour

- Manufacturing: create and made in Europe

Creation by the artist Séverine Prélat