Joseph Joseph Kitchen Set - 6 Piece

Joseph Joseph's 6-Piece Kitchen Set makes an excellent housewarming, graduation or wedding gift.

Set offers six essential kitchen tools. The Square Colander is designed to fit most sinks and has a convenient carry handle. The Chop2Pot Plus is a cutting board with a foldable chopping surface so that you can easily pour chopped ingredients into mixing bowls or pans. Set also includes two Elevate tools - the Solid Kitchen Spoon and Slotted Turner. Elevate tools are designed to keep the working end away from counters, greatly improving hygiene. The Magnetic Measuring Spoon has a magnetic back so the spoon can be attached to vents, racks or refrigerators, keeping the tool always nearby and ready-at-hand. Last, but not least, is Joseph Joseph's Spaghetti Measure - so whether you're feeding just yourself or many others, you'll always prepare the right amount of pasta.