Reusable Mason Jar Storage Bag Set

Fun, space saving, convenient storage, easy travel, and more storage bags!

These fun reusable bags look like mason jars and even stand upright when filled at the bottom. Easy to open and close with the zipper top. Unlike regular sandwich bags, these brilliant zip closed bags can be reused over and over. Use them to store food, snacks, pantry items, and even drinks.The clever design allows the bottom of the bags to pop out and stand when filled. When not in use, simply fold them flat.

Dishwasher safe, durable and leak proof.

-Large Blue Bag Set includes 2 large bags. Measures 9.7" X 6.9" X 0.1"; Capacity 32OZ / 1LT

-Medium Red Bag Set includes 3 medium bags. Measures 7.8" X 5.4" X 0.1"; Capacity 17OZ / 500ML