Kingdom of the Dead Playing Cards

he Kingdom of the Dead (El Reino de los Muertos) is a professional deck of cards inspired by the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. Designed by Gustavo Borboa.

This is a limited edition collector item as the production is limited to 2,000 decks. Each deck is individually numbered.

The members of the court —the King, Queen and Jack—, are works of art that were painted by hand in watercolor. The traditional figures are transformed into irreverent and playful characters with a touch of solemnity. The illustrations are dynamic and detailed. Playing with these cards will be an experience that will take you on a journey through the layers of tradition encapsulated in each card.

The deck is produced in accordance with international standards, from texturized linen cardstock imported from France and complies with the quality requirements for use in casinos.

Each image was created with profound respect and significant research. Bright and cheery colors are contrasted with dark, elegant borders. The symbolism, colors and traditional characters of one of Mexico's oldest traditions have been reinterpreted into modern aesthetics.