Fruit Infusing Water Bottle

Inject some fun and flavor into your water! Create your own refreshing and healthy flavored water and iced tea by adding your favorite ingredients to the squeezable infusion basket on the bottom of the bottle. Fill it with fruit, vegetables, herbs or tea, cover with the filter and attach it to the bottle, and apply pressure to infuse the flavor into the water instantly.

To make iced tea, simply fill the bottom compartment with hot water. Once the mixture has infused for a few minutes, fill with ice and water and it's ready to drink. You can create about 20 oz of flavourful water and iced tea with this bottle.

Take this on the go. Easy to clean and easy to use. The colorful silicone sleeve provides added grip and comfort to the bottle and is removable for cleaning.

Made with BPA-Free Tritan and silicone.

Here are a few recipes to get you started. Use them as inspiration to create your own unique recipes.

Blue and White Iced Tea

Add a teaspoon of white tea and a tablespoon of blueberries to your fruit infusing basket. Pour 50ml of 80°C water into your bottle and allow a few minutes for the tea to unfurl. Throw in some ice cubes and cold water and press on the fruit infusing basket until you get your desired flavour! Add some honey to sweeten things up.

Health benefits
Supports immune system, improves cardiovascular health, reduces inflammation, improves cognitive function.


Mango Kiwi-Lime Water

Combine 3 slices of mango and kiwi with a slice of lime in your infusing basket. Fill with water and enjoy.

Health benefits
Promotes healthy skin, improves digestion and eyesight, lowers blood pressure.


Citrus Sunrise Water

Cut small chunks of orange, grapefruit, and lemon and combine them in your fruit infusing basket. Add some sparkling water for extra refreshment.

Health Benefits
Promotes healthy kidney function, boosts metabolism, curbs hunger, balances body pH levels.