Black Deck of Cards

This new custom monochromatic deck illustrated by Gustavo Borboa is definitely a winner! Don't think you can get any cooler than a round of black jack in Vegas? Well, try these sleek, sophisticated black on black monochromatic cards with unique face cards and designs with the Day of the Dead theme.

  • Day of the Dead – Día de Muertos Edition
  • Black on Black Playing Cards
  • 100% Plastic PVC
  • 52 Cards plus 2 Jokers
  • Standard Poker Size (3.46” x 2.48”)
  • Custom Paper Tuck Box
The Day of the Dead celebration is a mixture of indigenous and European traditions. Día de Muertos is an ancient celebration in which people believe, their ancestors come back from the underworld to spend a day with us, to dine and dance to the beat of the music as to remind us that our memories never leave us, inviting us to live honorable, joyful and loving lives. Houses are covered with orange flowers called Zempasuchil (marigolds) to help guide the dead on their way back and sugar skulls are given away as a sign of friendship.

This deck of cards is gorgeously illustrated with Zempasuchil and sugar skulls on the cards. The suits of the cards also have special meanings. The Spade represents the god of death’s flint knife, seeking the heart of man, the Heart contains the soul within, the Clubs are mysticism and nature’s power, while the Diamonds symbolize the material world that we leave behind. The King and Queen of clubs are the Aztec god and goddess of the dead, the Jack of clubs is a Mexican "Charro". The lace work on the back of the card represents the Papel Picado decorated tissue paper represents wind and the fragility of life.