Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit

As Featured on Cool Mom Picks "Father's Day Gift Guide 2017"!

Stow this Deluxe Roadside Emergency Kit in your car and drive with confidence every day and for roadtrips.

This kit is loaded with all the tools and resources to keep you safe on the road. In the event of danger or dicey roadside conditions, this essential kit arms you with the tools you need to get safe immediately, alert other drivers, and call for help. This kit is organized and easy to use. It includes pepper spray for defense, a first aid kit for medical emergencies, 12 ft jumper cable and more, plus a guide that explains how to use the tools assembled.

This is a perfect gift for the new driver, young driver, and anyone who owns a car.

Deluxe Kit Includes: Jumper Cables, Duct Tape, Two-Way Screwdriver, Box Cutter, Reflective Belt, Twine, Pen, First Aid Kit, The Guide, Poncho, LED Flashlight, Mini Ice Scraper, Pepper Spray, Tire Pressure Gauge, Glow Sticks,Hand Sanitizer, High Visibility LED Flare, Water Bottle, Sport Beans, Battery Power Bank, Pocket-Size Facial Tissues, and Umbrella.