Niven Morgan Silver

Niven Morgan Silver is being discontinued by Niven Morgan-limited quantities available!

Niven Morgan Silver is sexy! Young yet timeless...hip yet intriguing whisper of romance. Calabrian Bergamot, fresh Eureka lemon, Ginger Lily and Garden Lavendar combine in this vibrant scent, with hints of spice and smoke.

Kudos to Niven for constantly improving his products to be better for you and for the environment! Products are made in the USA to create a smaller carbon footprint. Body Lotion and Hand Cream have recently been improved to include certified organic Aloe Vera, chemical free for the environment. The products are paraben free, and use natural extracts, vitamins, sunflower oil, shea butter and mango butter, all better for you!

Niven Morgan Silver is the fragrance to give a friend that needs a pick-me-up. Everything about it is invigorating, and rejuvenating.